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“The project Born Nowhere uses Social Media, as a tool of interaction, to capture how the change of a person’s facial features, expression or physiognomy, can affect the observer’s interpretation of someone.

According to some theories of Personality (Carl Rogers, Skinner, Maslow), each individual is the result of the interplay of 3 factors: what the person is, what he or she wants to be and what others believe this person is.

By using digital techniques, the photographer transforms facial characteristics giving herself a new personality. With no further information provided, the images are posted on Facebook and viewers are asked to provide their interpretation thereby creating a unique persona with its own name and characteristics. The description of this new person/persona is influenced by what psychoanalysts call “projection”, that is, the viewer’s background, reality and fantasies.

What one sees is what one wants to see.”

27 years old, single, actress, born nowhere, lives in London, free spirit, lonely sometimes, loves to travel, cosmopolitan, mysterious and strong, lipstick lesbian.
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Camila Angel
Sells clothes to live, party to survive, sometimes replace the guy from the gallery next door, divorced parents, her boyfriend is a Dj, lives in Brazil – Vila Mariana, born nowhere, In and out of rehab, not sure about her sexuality yet.
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18 years old, mixed-race (Russian and Japanese), had double eyelid surgery, was very quiet and after the surgery she became the kind of popular girl, every boy wants her, born nowhere, spoiled teenager and selfish, is going to study social politics at a renowned university and have a great career.
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50 years old, an upper east side lady, comes from a traditional and influential Jewish family, is married to a diplomat, has 2 sons, and she is now looking for a good Jewish girl that could marry Jacob (her 29-year-old oldest son), she is the head of her family, a leader who is very persuasive, has a very strong personality, controlling, practical, thinks that can buy everyone, born nowhere, loves botox and to shop at Bergdorf, dyes her hair every 2 weeks and her eyebrows are tattoos, knows that a friend of her husband has a secret love for her but she will never do anything, she has elegance.
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23 years old, very good daughter and used to be a good student, born nowhere, just came back from a 3 year long journey in South East Asia, trying to get back into the norm of the occidental life in California but fitting in is now a bit tough, thinking about move to Búzios and open a little surf or tattoo shop with her boyfriend.
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