Voicu Bojan – Jesus and previously featured

“A Jesus of different contexts: religious, worldly, banal. A ready made object on display at a flea market. A construct in our image and likeness. A piece of public property that is becoming ever more emptied of meaning. What is the use of continuing to look for him?

I decided one fine day to search with my camera for the real Jesus. You’ll be surprised where I found him. This search took some years. I finally realised the gadgetised and virtualised age has a discreet, fossilised Jesus who is reproduced in myriads of shapes and colours and who becomes more alien and more depersonalized, the more he is disseminated. The scandal of the Cross fades away on the flea market stall among other useless objects, or becomes like a piece of jewellery, like any other, without identity.”













JesusIn the end, the whole project became a small book that was generously published by Koinonia Publishing, Cluj-Napoca. The book has a square format (20x20cm), 85 pages, 40 duotone photographs and a hard cover. The text is in three languages: Romanian, Hungarian and English. It looks something like the image below. If, by absurd, you’d like to have a signed copy, write me an email.
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