Evi Lemberger – The Trans-Siberian Railway

“The Trans-Siberian railway: A russian railway line with 9288 km, seven travel days and four hundred stations is the longest continuous railroad connection in the world. Starting in Moscow it goes through regions like Omsk, Baikal or Ural. People get on, get out, go to work, come home, visit friends, go on vacation. Sometimes they go only for two hours, sometimes for several days. Different geographic starting points and motives. However one thing they all have in common: They travel, leave behind a place and expect a new. And with these changes of location, they leave behind people, moments and memory. Thereby the trip functions like an interworld. One world is past and the other is still future. And the only one what remains is memory and expectation.

In search of this interworld and the meaning of that I accompanied people on their way. With the help of a translator I travelled in the Russian compartment of the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. During this period I documented the travelers photographically and carried on conversations about their memories, expectations and the time in between. This was my starting point.”

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