Anna Voitenko - The Strongest Woman

Anna Voitenko – The Strongest Woman

“Most young women have the same desires — they want to lose weight, make an office career and marry successfully. But among the hundreds of thousands of girls in Kyiv, Anya Mykhailenko has set a completely different goal in life. She is gaining weight, quit her office job and is not even dreaming about marriage as she is aspiring to become the world’s strongest woman.

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Anya is a bodybuilder. She trains 5 to 8 hours a day. ‘If to combine sports with discotheques, a career and family, one cannot expect impressive results’, says Anya. This is why she has to eat a lot and get a good night’s sleep. A few years back while working as an interpreter of English and German languages she weighed 45 kg. Today her weight fluctuates between 73-78 kg at a height of 157 cm. Anya said that the secret of epic heroes is good nutrition and a good rest. ‘I try to stick to these rules.’

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Anya started her career in power lifting four years ago and plans to set the world bench press record at the upcoming world power lifting championship. Anya has already set one record in the dead lift with straps. Wrist straps (also known as cow ties or lifting straps) are often used to facilitate the grip when lifting heavy weights. The straps are wrapped around the wrist and tucked around the bar being lifted, thereby transferring some of the weight directly to the wrist instead of through the fingers. Anya can lift 305 kg — an absolute world record for women — though so far unofficial. Among the official awards Anya has silver and bronze medals in world bodybuilding championships, the Ukrainian All-Round Strength Championship and the arm wrestling championship in St. Petersburg. Anya worked hard to earn her success. She is recognized on the streets of Kyiv and many residents visit Hydropark to attend here training sessions as if it was a play. She receives invitations to night clubs to participate in mixed wrestling competitions in which the men in the audience place bets that they can pin Anya down to the canvas. Anya has a record of 10 wins out of 10 matches and purely out of principle does not give in to the ‘stronger sex'”

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