Alejandro Maureira Yañez – Sub Terra

“The characters photographed in Sub terra, with no idealizations, in the same collective situation, show individual features that cover the whole spectrum of age group, the presence of both sex, the difficult relationship that has the working class with the business machinery, and the contradictions inside the own worker group. Lillo incorporates these human existences to a narrative structure fragmented in seven chapters that articulate a global vision of the miner industry’s chores at the beginning of 20th century.

In these series of 7 images that are gotten from the underground train, I try to make a simile with the Baldomero Lillo’s book named ‘Sub terra’, not in the story sense, which takes place with difficulties around a mine, but it’s focus on the human being and the weekly hours that he lives under ground, dragging out with this desires, problems, dreams, frustrations, hopes, etc. I focus myself on him, and the relationship that takes place in the wagon with other people. The project tries to recover all this nature through a camera that isn’t noticed for the person who is being photographed. Thanks this, pure picture is achieved, without neither the intimidation nor the lens’ conditioning factor.”







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