Erik Naumann – Couple Clothing and

“In the summer of 2010 I spent two months studying in Beijing, and before I left I’d read a blog post about matching t-shirts and outfits for couples that were popular in Korea and becoming more popular in China. I thought it was kind of interesting and fun. When I arrived in Beijing I started to photograph a few of the couples and the more I did this, the more interested I became in the subject until it started to occupy the majority of my photographs. I started to notice other instances of clothing coordination in uniformed workers, high school kids and even tour groups wearing matching hats, and it seemed to me that it was all related in some way.

This work touches on notions of gender representation, relationship dynamics and the influence of North America on China’s cultural development and I hope it may provide a focus for deeper consideration. Although visually similar to street fashion, which is concerned with what people are wearing, my attention is on why people are wearing it and the social and cultural context”







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