Newsha Tavakolian - Listen

Newsha Tavakolian – Listen

“Imagine a dream. Eyes closed, mouths open, as if in a dream. Standing facing us with their backs to the darkness, they sing, soundless; they have been standing here, singing for themselves for a long time, imagining us, hearing. Standing, facing days of tedium, facing a world that has adorned them with a false crown. Standing, waiting.

Tavakolian1 Tavakolian2

For ‘Listen’, a project inspired by Newsha Tavakolian’s childhood dream to become a singer, she made six studio portraits of professional women singers, who are not allowed to sing solo, perform in public or produce CD’s in Iran because of Islamic tenets.

Tavakolian3 Tavakolian4

Inspired by her feelings about her society, she made six extra images, which are also imaginary album covers with titles for the singers. As a statement, the CD cases are left empty. The works are accompanied by a video installation with silent clips of the women singers performing.”

Tavakolian5 Tavakolian6

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