Otilia Cadar – Beauties and Birds

“This project is actually an extension of another project I’ve made in 2009 in Berlin, “Intimate Zoomorphism of Spirit”. Starting from the same point I’ve restricted the subject to create a relationship where human beauty, delicacy and elegance are reflected through themselves as well as through animal symbols. I am using the animal symbol in strong relationship to the human carrier. It’s why I would also call this project Zoomorphism of Human Beauty.



Why beauties?
First because I couldn’t help it. I am a huge admirer of beauty and I hunt it wherever I am. When I say beauty I mean an attitude, a gesture, an ambience, a certain style, gracefulness… an unavoidable attraction that captures your attention and you can’t get away from it anymore.
Second because we are surrounded by too much ugliness, meanness and hate that I wish to tip the balance to the other side. I feel it’s my duty.



Why birds?
Since forever this branch of the animal kingdom inspired and symbolized exactly what I want to show: gracefulness, elegance, beauty. On top of that, it’s a powerful feminine symbol. Thus I’ve used them as projections of my human characters. It’s a key that decipher an intimate intention, desire or feeling.
And because we live in a world where almost everything is genetically modified, mechanized and industrialized, the birds I create carry the marks of this world. They have metallic elements and mechanisms. These elements appear repeatedly in my works, as they are a subject that obsesses me.”


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