Kenneth O’Halloran – Life After Death

www.kennethohalloran.com “Though now a more secular society, Ireland still has remnants and relics of the old religious faith, even if many of its devoted followers are typically advanced in age – part of what might be termed a dying generation….


Dan Oara – Two Girls

www.oaraphotography.com and on flickr “Two girls standing together […] is not at all the fact that two girls stand together. As I see it these two girls are special and their standing together makes an atmosphere which suggest something more…

Jesse Rieser - Starting Over

Jesse Rieser – Starting Over

www.jesserieser.com “This is a story about transition. About the things we lose, and the memories we keep. In 2009, my parents, Rob and Stephanie Rieser, left Springfield, Missouri, for suburban Phoenix, forced to find work in a new city when…


Shane Powers – Swimming with ghosts

www.shanepowersfineart.com Rowing With Legends, Swimming With Ghosts – The Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club: 2005-2009 ”I’ve always felt that places that are special to us, places we treat with reverence and respect, are much like relationships between loving people. We…