Florea Mihai – Flags


“The Flags series are a part of the Eye Candy project, in which I equally satirized the one who produces the commercial as the one who promotes and consumes it. Almost all the time the image of a product is accompanied or presented by a female model that has the perfect body measures. The image of the female model sells the commercial product. The Woman (or The Temptation) is the one who seduces the consumer to buy the product. She has the role of tempting, attracting potential clients.

The Flags series is a “promotion campaign” of twelve countries, and its made through The Woman’s (Temptation’s) wardrobe. In the process The Woman/Temptation becomes herself a country brand.”

Switzerland, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

Greece, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

Japan, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

Israel, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

USA, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

Romania, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

you can view the other six Flags on the artist’s website; found via Andreea Cioran