Jonathan Andrew – WW2 Bunkers

World War II military bunkers are still present in Europe and their imposing concrete structures have stood the test of time, some reused but most of them abandoned a long time ago. Jonathan Andrew documents the current condition of these structures in The Netherlands, France and Belgium.

Military Casemate type 623 west of Koudekerke, The Netherlands.

Type 583a / M178. Fire control post for medium and heavy batteries. Heerenduin, Ijmuidenm The Netherlands.

SK Observation Tower. Fliegerhorst, Hemiksem, Belgium.

Type 219 Casemate for Anti-Tank gun. Lefrinckrouke / Zuydcoote, France.

Type 669. Heensche Molen, The Netherlands.

Dragon Teeth, Riegelstellung Dune, BPT. 34 WN. 136H.
Used to slow down and impede tanks and mechanized infantry. Landmines were often laid between the individual ‘teeth’.

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