Bruce Osborn – Oyako

“OYAKO, meaning parents and children in Japanese, is the title of photographer Bruce Osborn’s series. When he first started taking pictures of Japanese parents and children, he saw it as a way to focus on the changes that this society is going through. As Bruce has gone further into this theme, he says he wants to go beyond the differences in lifestyles and fashions between the generations and concentrate on the bonds that bind them together. Like the saying “Every picture tells a story”, each portrait opens to a page to that family’s history.

Taking this project one step further, Bruce created OYAKO DAY nine years ago. On the 4th Sunday of July, he invites 100 families into the studio to have their portraits taken. This year, Oyako Day is is on July 24th and  addition to his Super Photo Session, there is also photo contest and essay contest that are open to everyone.

Bruce Osborn is a well know commercial photographer based in Tokyo. To see more of his work go to his website www.bruceosborn.com and to learn more about Oyako Day visit their website.”

parent: Katsuji Suzuki / carpenter
child: Katsuo Suzuki / jr. high school student

parent: Masako Takashiro / tea ceremony master
child: Tsuyoshi Takashiro / “hyper” media creator

parent: Taijun Kagenaka / Buddhist monk
child: Akira Kagenaka / Buddhist monk

parent: Shizuo Ishii / company executive
child: Yosuke Ishii / skater

parent: Yae Nakano / housewife
child: Shigeru Nakano / musician

parent: Sumikatsu Iijima / ramen shop owner
child: Kenichiro Iijima / beautician

more images and other interesting projects on Bruce Osborn’s website