Andreea Câmpeanu - A women's world in Sudan

Andreea Câmpeanu – A women’s world in Sudan

“While travelling around Sudan for six months during last year, I realized that women were the ones doing most of the work around the house, even the harder one, while also being victims of gender based violence including FGM (female genital mutilation), or early marriages (followed by school dropout). Still, I found them incredibly strong and their desire to live and learn was very inspiring. This is part of a work in progress I hope to be able to continue.”

A woman from Kadougli tribe is producing home made beer in a hut. Women’s job is both to collect water and make the beer, but usually only the men drink it.

Women carrying wood close to Damazine in Blue Nile State.

14 years old bride tired on her wedding day, in a tukule close to Kurmuk in Blue Nile State. As a result of early marriage, girls stop going to school. They also face big risks when giving birth to babies.

Areej Kamal Altaib, 13, is posing inside a class in Khadeeja Bint Khwailed school in Badoos village, one hour away from Damazine, in Blue Nile state.

Girls at Sali primary school in Kurmuk locality, Blue Nile state in Sudan receive new textbooks from Save the Children Sweden. Save the Children staff say that this is something some children don’t even dream about.

Southern Sudanese model, Khartoum.

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