Éanna Freeney - To Here Knows When

Éanna Freeney – To Here Knows When


“These images are from a project on East London taken between 2009 and 2010. They were taken when I moved here and was still very much discovering the city. I was fascinated by how, for such a big city, how lonely and alienated one could feel living here. I set out to explore the nether regions with my camera, attempting to capture the less loved side of London, the forgotten streets and alleyways, away from all the glamour and hype of the centre.”







Éanna Freeney presents his work in issue #3 of The Velvet Cell Books.

“The Velvet Cell Books is an independent publisher of limited edition photography books based in London, UK. Founded in 2010, our goal is to promote the virtues of urban photography and to make art available to everyone. Our priority is quality and content. If you have any questions or just want to know more – please feel free to write to us at info@thevelvetcell.com.”

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