Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee – Festival

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“Music is the universal language of emotion, spoken throughout all the world’s cultures. Humans have made music since the birth of civilization, and it resonates within the moments that make up our lives and time. This simple and yet complicated communication has a unique power to draw people together. In a time of so much conflict and unrest in our world, this positive connection is all the more important. Crossing all ages, genders, races and cultures we are connected to each other through music’s power. We may not always agree on what song or style is the best, but there is always progress in realizing that our commonalities are stronger than the differences that have been used to divide us.

Under music’s flag festivals around the world are held that embrace peoples love for this art. Creating flash flood communities, they stimulate the local economy and introduce festival goers to new people and thoughts. Festival organizers embrace this organic movement and at times exploit it. No matter the outcome the lesson is there.

Music is a bridge that can unite us and it is our choice whether we cross it.”

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preview“Festival” is a photographic exploration of music festival culture. This book the second in a limited edition three volume sample series. The series stands as an introduction to the work of Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee and a glimpse into a bigger picture still to come. The book will only be sold for a limited time to raise funds for the project and Urban Nature Media Magazine.