Vlad Bîrdu - Unfinished Project

Vlad Bîrdu – Unfinished Project

“My unfinished project is a simple sentence. It’s my moment of silence and its beginning lays in the simultaneous connections and disconnections between us and the patterns around us. By consciously blocking and interrupting my own patterns I managed to make it easier to connect myself to other people’s patterns.

The simple movement from A to B, among people who do the same thing, forced me to have an unconscious moment of blocking the need of interaction. A moment of solitude that just happens. Being aware of its existence always scared me and the self defense mechanism appeared somehow by default as some sort of self imposed voyeurism. It’s always much easier to look into other people’s solitude than in my own.

Photography imprints in this context, points of reference in my inside journey. The camera loses it’s use as an instrument, and jammed in the same settings every time, becomes only the ending point of a simple, primary impulse: the need of self examination by prospecting one’s outside world.

My unfinished project it’s meant to remain a simple sentence, with no visible ending, preparing me for the moment when I’ll learn how to assemble a phrase.”

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