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Markel Redondo – In God’s Hands and

“An estimate of 500.000 Central American migrants cross Mexico every year on their way to the United States. The National Human Rights Commission of Mexico reported that in 2009 nearly 10.000 migrants were kidnapped in this country by gangs. On the long journey that migrants take, around 5.000 km, they also suffer robbery, rape, hunger and adverse climate before they get to the Mexico/U.S. border. I travelled from Honduras to Arizona following the migrant trails and collecting interviews and photographs with migrants along my journey (Sept-Oct 2010).”

Redondo1Franklyn, from Honduras, has lived most of his life in the United States of America and was recently deported back home. When he was trying to get back to the USA he was assaulted in Arriaga, Mexico, while waiting for a train going north of Mexico.

Redondo2Yamileth, from Honduras, left her country due to the violence suffered from her husband. After weeks traveling from Honduras towards the United States of America she suffered an accident while trying to catch a train in Lecheria, Mexico, on her way to the Mexico-US border.

Redondo3Delio, 17, from Honduras, was kidnapped by the group Zetas and was freed after his family paid 5,000 USD.

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Edu Arturo, 17, from Honduras, suffered an accident while trying to catch a train in Mexico in his way to the USA. After losing his arm he has tried to migrate to the USA three more times and is now thinking of trying again.


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