Leon Alesi - Personal Space

Leon Alesi – Personal Space


“The world we live in seems to get more impersonal each passing day; more connectivity, but less connection. I take portraits to engage in a deeper connection with people.
The photographs I am presenting in the series titled “Personal Space” are images of people in their private environments. The exploration of their homes allows me to see how they function within their space. The intimate nature of an individual’s house, and all the supportive information it gives, allow me to render a richer portrait. Often, I utilize the bedroom as the setting for my portraits. This room feels like the final frontier, the part of the house you hardly ever see. It’s usually not the place you are one on one with another, especially someone you may have never met before. There is an innate tension here that is unique. Within this context I am able to dig deeper and get beyond the veneer.
What I hope to achieve with the sitter is an exchange and the unfolding of a more intimate relationship. For the viewer, I hope my images expose the subject’s beauty, strength, and uniqueness.”

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via Fraction Magazine