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“On May 9, 2010 Russia celebrated the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War (WWII). Between June 22, 1941 and May 9, 1945 more than 26 million Soviet citizens lost their lives. On the other hand it yielded the survivors an increased political influence for the Soviet empire and a respectable number of medals on their chest. 65 years later the veterans still show off proudly their decorations during parades and official meetings.”

WWII veteran Frolov

WWII veteran Anna Ivanovna Savoshkina. Has lived since 1946 in Cherkessk.

WWII veteran and former KGB agent Nikolay Felipovich Khokhlov

Portrait of Alexandra Alexeyevna Artamonova in the museum of the tank/tractor factory in Chelyabinsk. During the Second World War Chelyabinsk accommodated the largest tank factory in the world. Because the men in those years were all sent to the front line to fight, manufacturing was taken over by women. Alexandra Artamonova was one of those women. After the war the factory was partly transformed into a tractor plant and Alexandra kept on working there. Although she could have retired after 50 years of service she preferred to keep working as she loved her work so much. The factory was her life. After sixty years of faithful service she finally retired, but she misses the time she was still employed there.

WWII veteran Afanasi Mezenin near the office of the war veterans in the industrial city Nizhny Tagil in the Russian Urals.

Alexander Petrovich Siniavsky (85) & Ekaterina Vasilovny Siniavskaya (86) were both honored and decorated many times during their life. Alexander fought during WWII in the East, while Anna went in direction of Japan. Although Anna is still in good condition, Alexander has some serious health problems.

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