Edward Thompson – Anarcho-Dandies


Retro-Socialising in London.
In London, England there is a vibrant underground retro-social scene, its members come from all walks of life, many of them always living the vintage lifestyle. They meet at various gatherings, from swing dances to gentlemen’s clubs, from vintage car racing events to burlesque shows. They wear attire suitable not only to the period but to the event itself, dinner jackets and evening dresses one night, morning suits and summer skirts the next. Harkening back to a time when the British were more David Niven than David Beckham, more Lady than Gaga, and more Chap than Chav.




Photographer Ed Thompson spent four months living as a retro-socialiser in London, he traded in his jeans for slacks, his hoodie for a sleeveless tank-top jumper and his western belt buckle for a good pair of braces. Shot on medium format film the work stylistically reflects the era that the retro-socialisers inhabit and is a celebration ol the Great British eccentrics.”




more images on the artist’s website.