Quentin Shih - Citizen of the State

Quentin Shih – Citizen of the State

www.quentinshih.com, previously blogged and you should see all his art projects! “In the same hospital, upon the same bed, different people die in their different ways. In my experience, hospitals – which have always determined life and death – are…

Kate MacDowell

www.katemacdowell.com “I hand sculpt each piece out of porcelain, often building a solid form and then hollowing it out. Smaller forms are built petal by petal, branch by branch and allow me the chance to get immersed in close study of…

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via osocio.org (with the english version :) )

Carsten Witte

www.carstenwitte.com and his gallerists sites from Germany and France at www.photographygalerie.de and www.kunstbureau.com.