Yeonju Sung – Wearable Foods

“As a fine artist, she fell in love with photography as a main tool and a medium to create her visions. “Wearable Foods” series is the first long term project she started two years ago and it still continues to this day.
This series deals with the concept of creating images that interchange the actual reality and the made-up reality on many levels. This body of work is her version of the made-up reality, which destroys the core meaning of clothing, which is the ability to be worn.
This series of her work forces viewers to defy the actual meaning, the functionalities, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives. The essence of clothing and food has been reinterpreted. Each element does not fulfill its own role and yet, each suggests an unconventional and even contradicting role – un-wearable clothing that is made out of the materials that do not last.
These images trigger some of our fundamental senses: Desire to wear clothes; desire to eat. But her images don’t fulfill the senses either and they are interchangeable stories between the actual and the made-up reality.
Yeonju’s spectacular images make you believe and desire her made-up reality.”

YeonJu1 YeonJu6 YeonJu5 YeonJu4 YeonJu3 YeonJu2

via Feature Shoot