Daniel W. Coburn - Object Affection

Daniel W. Coburn – Object Affection

“Dear Potential Model:

My name is Daniel Coburn and I am a professional fine-art photographer. My photographic works have been exhibited as a part of prestigious exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and many places in-between. My prints are held in the permanent collections of the Mariana Kistler-Beach Museum of Art, The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, The Mulvane Museum of Art, and the Moraine Park Museum. For a complete list of my credentials you can visit my official website at www.danielwcoburn.com.

I am currently looking for new subjects/models and I am writing to ask if you will participate in my latest photographic project. This latest artistic endeavor will examine concepts related to the physical/psychological condition one experiences through the process of self-objectification.

You will be asked to approach the situation as though you were making a photograph for a lover, significant other, or an ideal mate. I ask you, the model, to choose your outfit. It’s important that you select your apparel. This can involve nudity or not — you could be completely clothed, but it is important that you choose an outfit with the intention of making yourself desirable or sexy. You will also be asked to write a one page response to the process of being photographed. There are no concrete rules, but I request that you briefly comment on the decisions you made regarding your attire and location for the shoot. You will also be asked to sign a standard model release form and a contract that permits me to reproduce the images made during our photo session as well as your written statement.

The photograph that I am seeking isn’t the one that you might show your significant other. I am looking for the in-between images that visually examine the emotional state of my sitter. This might come across in a facial expression, body position, etc. I am hoping that these images, coupled with the written account of the experience presented by each model, might offer interesting insight into the phenomenon of self-objectification. These won’t be the digitally altered, over-polished images that we typically see on television or in the media. These will be real photos of real people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would greatly appreciate your consideration of this project, and would be excited for you to participate. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
Daniel W. Coburn”

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