Maia Flore – Sleep Elevations

I usually dream about falling down. The most common way of falling down in my dreams is the drain on the balcony that’s long enough to stay on and it’s the barrel of dirty water flowing on the people’s head. The tube is narrow and I don’t know how I’m keeping my balance on it. I look deep down, I see no people, I’m trying to figure “why do I have to jump?”, but my mind goes wild and I’m off the drain, jumping. I’m not touching the ground, I don’t feel any impact. I awake quite tense and sweaty and I realize why I love this part of the dream.
Maia Flore shows us the opposite in the Sleep Elevations series. Bouncing up and raised by a dream. The subject appears relaxed and comfortable. No trace of tension or sweating. I will try to follow her dreams soon.







via Ninja Magazine