Christian Tagliavini – Cromofobia

“They say that life is grey, but maybe they just can’t capture the nuances. Look at Mrs Maggie; a mother and wife of the fabulous fifties; a life of many colourless hues. Maggie is in her early thirties and has a problem: she lives in an ultra-tidy and monochromatic limbo.


Colourful objects disturb her when they enter her little detached house against her will. Today is her birthday and she cannot seem to avert her gaze from that loud box sitting on her living room carpet. She knows that once her guests have gone home, she will have to face up to all her fears and open that present.


In the meantime, Dad has just come back from his game of golf; alas, it had to be cut short due to a sudden downpour. The Country Club lent him an umbrella to shelter him from the rain. An umbrella which is annoyingly… not red. No, it’s more than red. It’s magenta. Poor Dad cannot immagine how much disquiet he has brought home that day.


But that’s not all: Maggie’s son has stuck up a drawing near the kitchen door; a drawing of his Mummy against the backdrop of a world bright with colour, to celebrate Mother’s Day. Unmistakable colour.


Maybe Mrs Maggie will have to decide today: to carry on living with her phobia or simply to surrender to colour and to life. Maybe she has already decided. It’s there, at her fingertips.”


you should also see his project named 1503,
“nine still characters from a visionary Renaissance
portrayed in solemn, die-cut costumes to die for.
But their glances are seducing each other despite you, the observer”
found on Feature Shoot