Kurt Tong – 22 Steps to the Sea

www.kurttong.co.uk and his blog with an interesting fact about the project. You can preview the entire book on blurb.

“Humans have long been drawn to the sea. The ever-changing landscapes combined with the ever-changing lights seem to evoke emotion that’s unique. This project explores the relationships between the sea and those who choose to live by it.
On one hand, human seem to have the upper-hand, building roads that wind along the coast, stalking our claim to the very edge of land that we considered as rightfully ours. The desire to be close to the sea have drawn thousands of people to live there, spawning housing development after housing development. Motels and RV parks are built to accommodate the huge influx of tourists. Various industries have also taken advantage of the easy transport links and the easily accessed waste disposal.
But on the other hand, nature is dictating our every move. The very road that allows us to get close to the sea is shaped by nature herself. We try everything to stop her from claiming it back while constantly looking to expand. Houses have to be built to withstand the erosion and storms that come with living on the coast. Every year, many buildings are destroyed and abandoned.
The images are taken along the coastal roads on the Texas Gulf Coast. One of the fastest corroding coastlines, allegedly caused by the river diversions carried out by the oil refineries. The photographs in the series were taken towards land, from the viewpoint of the ocean, 22 steps from the sea.”







via Jen Bekman