Daniel Shea – Plume

www.dsheaphoto.net and founding member of Dreamboats Collective; featured on the 17th issue of Fraction Magazine.

Plume is a photographic exploration of Southeast Ohio and its unusually dense concentration of coal-fired power plants. The project serves as a follow-up to the work I made in 2007 in Appalachia, Removing Mountains, which focused on mountaintop removal, a particularly pervasive form of coal mining. Plume follows this coal up river to Ohio, where it is being burned to generate electricity. View an extended statement here.

Cheshire, Ohio

Cindy Parker And Her Father’s Tools

Cross Grocery

Bill Jones Camping On The Ohio

Coal Stock Pile

Gavin Power Plant

Plume is a work in progress. To help fund the second leg of the trip, Daniel is having a print sale. See more photos on the artists’ website found on FlakPhoto.