Stephanie Diani – Dames – Legends of Burlesque

“Women, fashion and body image have long been fascinations for me. I believe women, even more than men, use clothing to render an impression on the people they interact with in the world. In youth, this means trying a variety of styles – punk, emo, hippy – until the persona created feels right. By the time they reach middle age, most women have discovered who they are and what they like and dress accordingly with less concern for external impressions. What I find fascinating about the legends of burlesque – women who have been performing for years and years – is that these dancers create a character with their costumes and then create entertainment by stripping away that outer layer of artifice to reveal their naked selves. Even so, one’s impression of each dancer remains the same as when she first stepped out into the spotlight, fully dressed. This series is an attempt to show the dancers, in costume and in character, but juxtaposed against the (often) mundane setting of ‘real life.'”

Diani1Joan Arline, The Sexsquire Girl

Diani2Toni Elling

Diani3Stephanie Blake

Diani4Candy Baby Caramelo

Diani5Tai Ping

Diani6Big Fannie Annie

via KodakMoment