Kate Hutchinson – Why am I marrying him?

www.katehutchinson.com and her blog.

“This series first took shape during the engagement period of my relationship. After six years together my boyfriend Chris and I had decided to commit to marriage. At the outset, we had to endure the engagement period full of planning, family politics, and self doubt. This stage of our relationship seemed an ideal and interesting time to turn my lens on Chris and document all sides of his personality, while querrying if marriage was the right choice for us. The answer, as you may guess from the images, was a resounding yes. The viewer of this series will get a glimpse at the the richness of Chris’ character and of his multifaceted personality as well as his likes, dislikes, how he spends his time, and how we relate to one another. This personal project was an enriching and creative collaboration and as such, we have continued making this series well beyond our wedding day. ”

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