Încotro 2009

Încotro 2009

Romanian Visual Survey 2009
The second edition of Romanian Visual Survey gathers some of the best visual works produced in 2009 in Romania and by Romanian visual artists in general. This year’s selection includes the work of 49 visual artists active in the field of photography, graphic design, illustration, painting and digital animation, among others. Although it is representative of the Romanian visual universe, the selection is not exhaustive.

incotro09Încotro sets out to be a benchmark, a launch pad, a source of dialogue and an interface between the Romanian and the international visual universes. Încotro has two sections, Romanian Visual Survey and Projects. Romanian Visual Survey is an initiative which sets out to gather some of the best visual works produced in Romania and by Romanian visual artists in general. The Survey, which is carried out yearly, sets out to become a lot more prominent in the future, both in Romania and abroad, and to attract an ever increasing number of participants. Besides the annual Survey section, Încotro will also launch different other projects which will challenge artists to express their vision on some of the most important problems that contemporary Romania currently faces.

Încotro is a curation project by Tudor Prisãcariu.

Anca Roºca

Dacian Groza

Cãtãlin Petriºor

ªtefan Tuchilã

Dragoº Burlacu

Tiberiu Simþion