Pause, to Begin

“Pause, to Begin is a unique project born in discussions about the direction of contemporary photography today. A competition geared towards the emerging photographer, Pause, to Begin selected 15 photographers in April, 2008. After a juried selection, the creators of Pause, to Begin drove 10,000 miles to meet and interview the selected photographers about their work.

A lasting goal of Pause, to Begin has been to better expose passionate photographers in a fresh and unique manner.  This goal has been accomplished in many ways.  First, Pause, to Begin produced multimedia presentations about each photographer.  The presentations showcase each photographer’s images while they speak candidly about their work.

Second, Pause, to Begin held it’s first exhibition on January 2nd, 2008 at Booksmart Studio in Rochester, New York.  The exhibition consisted of 94 photographs from the 15 photographers.

Finally, Pause, to Begin produced a Catalogue Edition Book that showcases the selected photographers and their photographs.  The book also includes a foreword by Pause, to Begin Editorial Director Susan Morelock.  The book was published by Booksmart Studio and hand bound at New Ridge Bindery, both in Rochester, New York.

By working closely with a team of artists and an advisory board that includes John Paul Caponigro, Joyce Tenneson and Cig Harvey, Pause, to Begin continues to strive to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the artist and viewer.”

PauseToBegin1Tealia Ellis Ritter – The Live Creature and Ethereal Things

PauseToBegin2Hin Chua (previously blogged) – After The Fall

PauseToBegin3Timothy Briner – Boonville

PauseToBegin4Brea Souders – Time Between

PauseToBegin5Colin Blakely – Somewhere in Middle America

PauseToBegin6Shannon Johnstone (previously blogged) – Silent Home