Malwine Rafalski - Umilenie

Malwine Rafalski – Umilenie

“In the uncertain times of unemployment and financial crisis rises the longing for emotional security and safety for the youth.
Umilenie shows young mothers aged 20 to 25 years in their native environment, which defied the social pressure of being successful in their careers, and had children.
Umilenie, an iconographic type, means Mother of God of tenderness and represents the merger of spiritual and secular beauty. The infant Christ nestles to Mary, and her hands embrace him – mother and child in loving affection. Her expression shows wide-open eyes, and an elevated, limited to the essential simplicity.
At the same time means Umilenie in Russian when beauty a feeling evokes that can not be simply translated with emotion. The meaning can be paraphrased with ecstasy, softening, grief and seduction while looking at something very beautiful, a picture or even just a young mother with her newborn.”

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