Céline Clanet - Their short (Hi)story(ies)

Céline Clanet – Their short (Hi)story(ies)

“This work shows portraits and living places of several retired persons living in the same neighbourhood in Cognin (Savoie, France). All settled there in the 50’s. Composed of portraits, going along with gestures and domestic views, each tryptic is associated to a short sentence taken from interviews.
This work also shows several domestic views pictures, individually. Some talk about their memories, some about their daily occupations :
I wanted to bring to the fore few elements that look insignificant, but that are yet a fair part of their generation, my grand-mother’s, born in the 20’s -30’s.
Domestic interior views reveal layers of different living times : the accumulation of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s transforms these places into peculiar paintings, into unique palimpsests, constantly evoluting, that started their writing when occupants arrived, and will end at their death.
Recording those lives, recording this fading individual and collective memory, this is what justified this work.”

“When knitting, I do simple things, decoration, and I like to do it well. When it doesn’t fit, I undo and start it again. I know that if I really want to, I can make it right. But I do less and less knitting because of my back.”

” I always loved music. Hard luck, I never took lessons. I play my way, it is relaxing.”

“I read first the death notices : a few times I was surprised to read some bad news… Anyway, I read it all up and down, above all when it is raining. Otherwise, I get out and have a walk.”

” Well, you know… It happened a long time ago.”

“They are all different, it is relaxing. We finished this one together with my husband : a beautiful view of Los Angeles.”

“My cigarettes, I know it’s my greatest weakness, my wife hides them in the house, but I discovered where… “

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