What happens at your workplace…

Bielov_zh_1Mummy said, that daddy won’t come home from work today… and not even tomorrow. Then she cried.
Every year, in Italy more than 1,000 working accidents end fatally, among the rest, because of omitted or improper use of safety clothing.

Bielov_zh_2I love my daddy, and I often tell it to him … It’s just that he can’t hear it anymore.
Italy is throughout Europe the country with most working accidents, more than 1 million are announced yearly. Besides, many of the victims suffer heavy remaining damages.

Bielov_zh_3Now we also have a real dog who helps daddy to cross the road when mummy is not there sometimes.
Also, due to the lack of personal responsibility regarding safety in the workplace, every 7 hours happens an working accident in Italy.

Bielov_zh_4The other children always make fun of me because my daddy has no legs anymore.
Last year, 27% of the in total 17,500 working accidents are reducible to the lack of safety dealing with tools and working machines.

What happens at your workplace, affects not only you.

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