Mary Shannon Johnstone - Breeding Ignorance

Mary Shannon Johnstone – Breeding Ignorance

“There is a massive overpopulation of dogs and cats in North Carolina, and not enough homes for them. Every year over 250,000 dogs and cats have to be euthanized because there is no place to put them. That’s almost 700 every day, which I find shocking and heart breaking.
With this work, I explore the tragedy of this epidemic and the heroic efforts of those who must confront it – animal control, shelter employees, veterinarians and volunteers. Further, I pose these questions: Why? Where do all the animals come from? Why are people breeding even more? and What can we ALL do to share this immense responsibility?”

“The tragedy is not the fact we euthanize cats and dogs. The tragedy is that we HAVE to euthanize them. There is no alternative.” – anonymous veterinarian

Johnstone1Anesthetize, ©2009. Cats and dogs are anesthetized before they are euthanized.
Although the sedation does not hurt, many fight because they are scared.

Johnstone2Waits, ©2009. Cat awaits euthanasia. Unlike humans, female cats never go through menapause
and can produce kittens their entire life, resulting in hundreds of kittens from just one cat.

Johnstone3 Bagging Walker Hound, ©2009. Unwanted dogs are euthanized and then disposed of.
Approximately 250,000 animals are euthanized annually in North Carolina animal shelters.
This number would be significantly reduced if citizen spayed and neutered their pets.
There are many low cost spay and neuter clinics throughout NC, some as low as $20 – the equivalent of a large bag of dog food.

Johnstone4Without a Home, ©2009. Kitten anesthetized before euthanasia.

Johnstone5Scared Dog Before Euthanasia, ©2009. This dog is frightened while receiving the anesthetic before the euthanasia.

Johnstone6Trash Bag Full of Kittens, ©2009. Without any where to house them, these kittens are destroyed.