Kyle Ferino – East Rambler Drive

Preserving her Memory
“December 4th, 1999 was the day Jack Serafin lost his wife Dolores to cancer. After forty-four years of being happily married, my grandfather lost the one person in which he swore he couldn’t live without. Six years later, the start of my personal project East Rambler Drive began.
The photographs not only depict the void that was left after my grandmother’s passing, but also tell a story of the past; a story that hints at the grandiose life my grandfather once had. Plaques from Harvard, Naval Accolades, and trophies of distinction slowly begin to accumulate dust. Self-timers seem to light up the house with artificial life, filling the desolate space with a warmth that no longer remains.
Nearly everything in the house has remained unscathed since the day of her demise.  You can almost hear the walls reciting stories, recounting the find memories Jack and his family once shared.  Day by day my grandfather leads a routine life as a way to pass the time, as a numbing agent for the pain, in hopes to one day reunite with the woman he loved so dearly.