Alex Leme - Literary Ghosts

Alex Leme – Literary Ghosts

“For many years, while my friends were playing out in the streets, I spent my time in the public library near my house. For reasons known only by my heart, I felt comfortable and safe, as if I belonged there. Perhaps it was the mystery and bewitching diversity that had seduced my soul. The ghosts of countless individuals, of distinct minds and varied thoughts, dwelt peacefully together under the same ceiling – in one world.
The long, winding corridors of endless books were fascinating new worlds with infinite paths for me to discover. This labyrinth of passageways lined with crammed bookshelves seemed the perfect place in which to lose oneself. Conceived within the geometric spaces, the distinctive shapes, patterns, colors and perspectives beckoned my imagination, and it was there that my love of geometry and mathematics was born.
‘Literary Ghosts’ is a photo series depicting the elusive and poetic qualities of libraries. My hope is to provide an investigation into the beauty and magic of these places while also emphasizing the cultural relevance of these timeless institutions.”

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