Chad States - Masculinities

Chad States – Masculinities


I feel that I am not only masculine in gender but also in speech, the way I act and the way I posture myself. It has been like this from birth. I like to pass as a guy, I just don’t want to have his stuff.


“I feel masculine when I am home, I can take care of myself. I often feel emasculated when I leave my apartment though, with everyone asking me if I need help. I don’t need any help.”


“The first thing I do when I walk into a room is figure out which male could kick my ass and which female I would like to fuck. Sometimes this is so subconscious it is alarming.”


“I feel most masculine when I am lying in bed naked.”


“I consider myself to be masculine because I spent time in the Marine Corps, I work out, I have a mohawk, I have tatoos, I’m a tattoo artist, I cuss a lot, and that’s all I cand think of right now.”


“I want to show that, despite stereotypes, gay men can be masculine too.”