Kate Kunath – The Triplet Identity


“Fertility drugs were introduced to the mainstream via reproductive medicine in the 1970’s. This new technology not only improved a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant, but drastically increased her chance of having triplets. Before this moment in time the triplet scenario was rare, almost mythical.”

“The number of triplets born in the last 20 years has risen dramatically and of those births 99% are due to reproductive technology – but this has done nothing to minimize our fascination with three babies being born simultaneously.”

“Every year since the inception of the Triplet Connection Convention the same families have arrived to the hotel, three deep in matching outfits, minivans packed to the gills.”

“But despite evidence to the contrary, the convention is not a spectacle. In fact, it marks a chance for the triplets to be unspectacular, allowing them to temporarily enjoy the ordinary lives of the singletons they periodically envy.”

via www.featureshoot.com where is an interview about another interesting project of her