Anca Mitroi - Ausserwelt

Anca Mitroi – Ausserwelt

“The Ausserwelt series is a story about the end of human era. It is gradually built, from the death and transformation of the last human being – illustrated by diaphane frames, with blooming nature surrounding the subject – and it…

David Denil - Odiseja

David Denil – Odiseja

“For 10 days I explored the area at the Serbian-Hungarian border where the construction of a fence to hold back refugees is present. Going from Backi Breg at the Croatian border up till Rabe, the last small village in the…

Jan Bernhardtz - Streets of Berlin

Jan Bernhardtz – Streets of Berlin

“My name is Jan Bernhardtz. I come from Sweden. I attended a photographic school in Stockholm run by the famous Christer Strömholm. One of the teachers was Anders Petersen, now a well known photographer. After leaving the school I never really…



(RO only) “Expoziția FOTOPOETICA ÎN STRADĂ reunește 60 de lucrări realizate de tot atâția absolvenți ai Școlii de Fotografie FOTOPOETICA din București. Sunt prezente șapte generații de fotopoeți, fiecare cu propria viziune, cu propria cale de a găsi expresii, atmosfere…

Virgil Mleşniţă - Silentium Magnum

Virgil Mleşniţă – Silentium Magnum

“Certain images, those with fewer elements, are quickly labelled as “abstract” or “minimalist”. This can only illustrate our own difficulty in defining or classifying such photos. As far as I am concerned I could indeed consider some of my photos…

Dorel Frumusanu - It's a Sad and Beautiful World

Dorel Frumusanu – It’s a Sad and Beautiful World

“It’s a Sad and Beautiful World: Animal Planet in Contemporary India” – Dorel Frumusanu More of photographer’s work here: