Tony Spyra

Tony Spyra

Who are you Tony Spyra? I am Toni from Germany. I live in Austria. I´m 31 years of age. I´ve no art education. What’s your artistic background and what/who inspired you to create? My artistic background is streetart, graffity and…

Domestica - Fucking Princess

Domestica – Fucking Princess

DOMESTICA photo series follows the making of a princess on her way from the kitchen to the dining room to the bathroom to the bedroom kitchen to the dining room to the bathroom to the bedroom kitchen to the dining room…

Marius Budu – Twisted Flesh Exhibition

Muzeul de Arta Timisoara organizeaza în perioada 28 septembrie – 12 octombrie a.c. expozitia de fotografie Twisted Flesh a artistului Marius Budu. Vernisajul va avea loc vineri, 28 septembrie 2012, la ora 18, la Palatul Baroc din Piata Unirii Timisoara….

Ada Muntean - Octavian Paler's Decalogue

Ada Muntean – Octavian Paler’s Decalogue

The starting point of the “Decalogue” project is the Kieslowski’s film series and the ideational starting point is the “Decalogue” from Octavian Paler‘s book, called “Life On A Station Platform”. 1. “Wait as long as you like.”, drawing in charcoal,…

Leland Bobbé – Half-Drag

Leland Bobbé’s Half-Drag project sprang from his work with Neo-Burlesque. ‘My intention with Half-Drag is to capture both the male and the alter-ego female side of these subjects in one image.’ Half-Drag is not a commercial project, if you are…

Marius Budu - Twisted Flesh

Marius Budu – Twisted Flesh

“Hello! My name is Marius Budu and I am a Copenhagen-based visual artist working with the human body as a medium. The Twisted Flesh project is something I started 6 years ago and have been working on ever since.”