Ani Zur - It’s not forever

Ani Zur – It’s not forever

Photography is like therapy. Exactly so the characteristics of ‘It’s not forever’ series can sound, where the author as the mother of a suckling without physical possibility to exist in the parallel world constructs it with the camera assistance and turns her attention out from typical mother’s worries to their recording and reasoning as an empathic spectator.

“It’s not forever” is a diary of intimate details from the first life months of a newly born child, when the frequency of inner emotional changes of the woman is too high to call this period ‘happy’.

Any tiniest changes in child’s condition lead to explosive inadequate reaction from apart of the mother; although it is quite natural in biological sense, it impacts her personality seriously. The circumstances require to become another person in short terms, to refuse from a usual perception of the world. Inner anxiety is changed with melancholy. Failure to feel the boundaries of inner self triggers to its dissolution. Some time will pass and in the process of adaptation to a new woman’s experience some new qualities will be formed: sensitivity, tolerance, humility. And right now she is an alive robot that is ready to mobilize every second to respond on the consecutive request of the small creature.’It’s not forever’ – so relatives reassure the woman. ‘It’s not forever’ – says the author of series to herself. And gets right. Because forever is only Love. – Ani Zur

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