Virgil Mleşniţă - Silentium Magnum

Virgil Mleşniţă – Silentium Magnum

“Certain images, those with fewer elements, are quickly labelled as “abstract” or “minimalist”. This can only illustrate our own difficulty in defining or classifying such photos.
As far as I am concerned I could indeed consider some of my photos as abstract but only in the etymological sense, that of drawing or pulling away. since their creation is quite an effort. Therefore, my abs-tracts, come painfully, after rather long periods of work, and they tend to be very rare. This is of course normal since they are a mysterious combination of intuition and luck when I get to “see through”. This selection, again, cannot be a project, since there is nothing that could be planned ahead, on purpose. I am just able to recognize them and single them out from my archive. In this respect, this is not a pro-ject but a retro-spect.” – Virgil Mleşniţă

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Virgil was featured before on Oitzarisme on “Happiness Street“. Enjoy his Landscape series.