Submission Monday

Submission Monday

Maya Daphna – Now I am awake “The project – “Now I am awake” – is a project combining portraits and still life of morning honest moments. I spent the night in different homes – of friends, family and couples, waiting for them to wake up. The first few minutes of the awakening process are special, pure, and silent. Body is relaxed, face is almost expressionless, soul is calm and fresh. I’ve been searching for the beauty and aesthetics in the scene, for the special connection between the sleeper and I, and also the pure essence of morning light meeting texture.”maya-daphna-01 maya-daphna-06

Kostya Smolyaninov – Street Theography “The project  “Street Theography”  was created during 2006-2014 in different cities of Ukraine, Poland and Russia. No wonder of people praying in church, but the meter of my interest were manifestations of religious feelings in everyday life, on every street. Hence the name and the idea emerged during photographic research ─ especially in the street the conflict between the intimate nature of faith and the public, often ostentatious religiosity strongly appears.”Kostya Smolyaninov 15 Street Theography Kostya Smolyaninov 11 Street Theography

Fabrizio Albertini – The Mecca of Coney Island “Stand clear of the closing doors, please”. End of line, Coney Island, New York. I descend the station stairs, exiting onto Surf Avenue. Nathan’s is closed, the billboard shows a record of sixty-two hotdogs eaten in ten minutes. There’s a patrol car parked at the intersection. It’s hot, no clouds in the sky. Cyclone, carousels and kids. I watch them for a while. I’ve never been on a rollercoaster, i’d really like to try. Anyway, not alone. I keep walking towards the beach. Some sand raised by the wind, someone jogs along the shoreline. I stick to the promenade. I eat my very first hotdog at a nearby kiosk. It wouldn’t taste like anything if it weren’t for the ketchup. […]”9_fabrizio_albertini_The_Mecca_Untitled_12 5_fabrizio_albertini_The_Mecca_Untitled_7

Oleg KovalSicilyThe far you go – the more you see. Deeper in the blocks, streets or harbors there is mention of the sun. Places with simplicity and permanency. Long lasting with its soul. Soul of the island.”oleg_koval_6 oleg_koval_10

Saleem Ahmed – TasveerI am lost somewhere in-between American and Muslim. One is a nationality, while the other is a faith, yet they both struggle to coexist. On one hand I am angered by the radicals that have hijacked my religion, while on the other hand I am angered by the constant feeling of being singled out in my own country. There is no way to avoid this awkward feeling, especially growing up in a post-9/11 world, in which American society has dissected my identity and placed it under a microscope.”2 4

Norman BehrendtBurning down the house “Burning down the house’ is a photographic study of graffiti writers in Berlin. Through a series of portraits and interviews i try to give an insight into the anonymous authors of Berlin’s public space and give a human face to the often-discussed subject of the illegal “writing on the wall”. Instead of accompanying and photographing the graffiti writers on their nocturnal adventures even forgoing the depiction of the graffiti itself, i decided on a quieter alternative to give the writers freedom to choose where and how they were photographed. The book ‘burning down the house’ also includes a series of Polaroid portraits which adds the point of view of the writers themselves. The resulting photographs and interviews reflect on the tense relationship between visibility and anonymity, recognition and ownership.”burning down the house, photobook burning down the house, photobook