Submission Monday

Submission Monday

Sheung Yiu – The Silent Being “In the story of Princess Mononoke, the god, Kirin, sacrifice his life and his infinite living force to rejuvenate the endangered forest. His countless horns became the trunks of towering trees, His body morphed into fertile soil, tenderly raising his child on Earth. Hundreds of years goes by in a blink, humans soon forget his graceful existence when they lay eye on the land overflowing with lives. In between the crowded pines, I wonder if Kirin has resurrected, freely and voicelessly roaming in the woods, camouflaged in his lively green kingdom.”The Silent Being_Sheung Yiu3 The Silent Being_Sheung Yiu11

Dave Imms – Donner Boys12

Lisa AllenDeserted Beach “I shot this series on Assateague Island, Virginia, an island known for its native wild horses. I was struck by the stark, almost desert-like look of the beach. A powerful storm had hit the night before and the beach was strewn with washed up shells of horseshoe crabs, a species undergoing great decline in recent years. Wide swaths of beach appeared untouched and untainted by people. The horseshoe crab shells served as a reminder of the fragility of nature. The austere beauty of the beach brought on feelings of isolation and loneliness; this series means to embody those feelings through the use of single subjects, found items, and shadows.”912342_5e5be2e91ff5441e8d0c2c570acfbebc912342_62f13bda6e9543be811056b5d41a1de1

Kamil SleszynskiInput/Output “This photographic series of works tells a story about prisoners in Poland. I am interested how they think about freedom, what do they feel about it, why many of them couldn’t live outside prison and come back again. These photographs I took in a prisons and in a center that support ex-prisoners in the north-east Poland. (ongoing project)” KS03 KS04

 Bernat Millet  – Mumbai SleepersThe body at rest occupies a particular stillness. The characteristic thronging activity of daytime Mumbai is here absented from exhibition; what is caught in the frame is an otherworldly alternative. Elevated from externals, the night-time sleepers of Mumbai are physically prominent at the same time as they remain distant; their bodies, in stasis, are on makeshift display – but all else is removed beyond the eye’s stare.”mumbai_05 mumbai_01

Matteo Spertini – Shelter for Silence (Act I)(Act II)ms10 ms a21 (1)