Elenko Ivanov Elenkov - Meadows in the Mountains

Elenko Ivanov Elenkov – Meadows in the Mountains

As far as modern world goes, it is now possible to outsource a festival. Meadows in the Mountains is a festival that happens in the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria in June. The event is targeted for British festival goers that get a low-cost flight from London or Manchester to Sofia, and then are transported with shuttle busses to the heart of the mountain on a 5-hour bumpy ride. The Guardian announced it as one of the best festivals for 2014. The event has serious DJ and band line-up and is happening in a near-deserted village with unpronounceable name near Smolyan, Bulgaria. It combines wild Buglarian nature and UK festival people with music being the context of cultures that would never, ever mix otherwise. The interesting thing is that brits bring their festival culture so far east and really don’t care about the context of the woods where according to the legend Orpheus used to roam.” – Elenko Ivanov Elenkov

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Elenko is a Bulgarian living in Sofia, Bulgaria. He shoot for fun and works as a project manager in a software company. You can find more of this series and other photos at http://www.elenko.eu/

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