Jan Gott - Magic Bird

Jan Gott – Magic Bird

“No bird sang in the garden of the gardener anymore. A colossus made of marble concealed the sun and threw long, dark shadows on the ground. But underneath the white mulberry tree, a wild flower grew, onto which a magic bird sat down and it sang so beautifully that the birds in the garden started to sing its song one after the other. And the song got about in the whole country and it was so sad and so beautiful that even the stones began to cry and the marble melted away. The marble colossus is still there, but he became hollow and the sun can shine through it. And in the garden of the gardener the  mulberry tree bears black fruits. (Inspired by the story of Maria Tanase and an article from the FAZ of 12th December 2014, “Romania’s lost decades” by Felix-Emeric Tota)” – Photos and text by Jan Gott

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Jan Gott was born in Munich. He studied law, audio engineering and Jazz guitar until he turned to photography. Today he works as photographer and has lived in Vienna, where his son grows up, for more than eight years. He is a student of Greek Magnum photographer Nikos Economopoulos. He travelled India, Ethiopia and the Balkans with his Leica camera, but also Uzbekistan and the Iran to picture life in the streets. You can see more of his photos at his website http://www.jangott.com/

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