Dorin Goian - Moldova in Transition

Dorin Goian – Moldova in Transition

“After the collapse of USSR, Republic of Moldova became member of CIS and at the same time the poorest country in Europe. In 1991 when the population of Republic of Moldova was 4.36 million. At the present, country’s population (including Transnistria) is estimated to 3.6 million habitants. Between 25% and 40% of Moldova’s active population has left the country and it was the youth who emigrated most frequently. Phenomenon of depopulation of Moldova is mostly generated by weak economy, corruption, incompetent and very corrupted political class, lack of national identity, all these factors make active population to go abroad in pursuit of better opportunities. The phenomenon of population exodus has the most impact on rural part of Moldova.” – Dorin Goian

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Dorin Goian was born and raised in Moldova, a former USSR republic. In 2006, Dorin Goian immigrates to Canada and completes a 2-year photojournalism program in Ontario. In 2009, Dorin attended Magnum Workshop in Toronto. In 2011, he was a selected participant at NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Bucharest. In 2013, Dorin Goian was a selected participant at Sputnik Images Documentary Workshop held in Chisinau, Moldova. He is interested in documentary and social photography focusing on aftermath of Soviet Union, palliative care in Moldova and depopulation among other subjects.

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