Mike Mellia - A selfie a day keeps the doctor away

Mike Mellia – A selfie a day keeps the doctor away

“A Selfie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” is an ongoing series of self-portraits that combines society’s technology-driven vanity with unusual references from advertising, culture, and art.   In social media, the prototypical “selfie” usually lies at one of two extremes:  either mundane normalcy or unbridled megalomania. 
In this work I photograph myself and include captions that highlight the surreal, the banal, the duplicitous, or the exhibitionist aspects of photography that technology is encouraging.  The projects is also a social experiment to see what my colleagues’ reactions would be when bombarded daily with pictures of myself accompanied by outrageously bragging claims like: “That one time I developed film using only my mind,” or “That one time I played backgammon in an old warehouse in Mongolia.”   
Follow me as I find out what it means to be a photographer in the new era of portraiture: www.instagram.com/mikemellia


That one time I played backgammon in an old warehouse in Mongolia.


That one time I asked the workers of the world to unite.


That one time I sang at the opera.


That one time I beat up Clint Eastwood.


That one time I was the life of the party.


That one time I let Bjork dress me.


That one time I won First Prize at the Hungarian National Poetry Competition.


That one time I joined a cult.

Mike Mellia is an American photographer whose allegorical imagery relates to larger conceptual ideas, telling stories through a painterly technique and creating cinematic compositions.  Mellia’s signature style is a distinct aesthetic that combines an old-world sense of beauty with complex conceptual modern ideas.  He has held several art exhibitions in NYC and his work has been commissioned by a variety of commercial clients.  Mike Mellia graduated from Columbia University in 2002 and lives in New York City.  View his entire portfolio at www.mikemellia.com.