Riri Coco - City Stage

Riri Coco – City Stage

“Under the message “I am the city”, City Stage invites people to identify themselves with their city, recognizing fragments of their personality in urban details. The objective is to make people realize that exactly as they are a part of the city, the city is also a part of them.

City Stage is seeing your city as a personal stage, the stage that you go on everyday, in the music of traffic, under spotlight lanterns. In this play we star in, we try to locate ready-made city scenes, decorated naturally by the action of time and nature on the city, to find the right costumes for the play and the interpretations of the feelings transmitted by the city itself.

The project proposes five directions: Urban vs. Nature / Past glory / Beautifully decayed surfaces / Public space, the space of everyone / Recyclable materials; all inviting the public to participate by submitting photos as a sequel of each story.”

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More images on City Stage Facebook page. Riri Coco (b. 1989) studied at UNARTE (National University of Arts) in Bucharest and graduated in fashion design. She enjoys taking pictures and composing visual stories, always inspired by the colorful exotic sceneries and characters that she founds in her urban explorations. That is why she organized her passion in the five stories of City Stage.